Holiday Lettings

As our philosophy has always been strictly client oriented, we have decided to expand our activities creating Kefalonia Premium Lettings, a Company which specializes in Kefalonia holiday accommodation with the aim to offer our clients exclusive accommodation solutions with a portfolio of different style of properties such as premium luxury villas, self-catering villas, bungalows and apartments set in stunning locations in our island, offering a friendly service with attention to detail at an affordable cost.

Our friendly, expert team will make sure that you enjoy a special and custom made holiday. We’re committed to provide excellent service and have been all around Kefalonia to hand-pick the holiday premises for you – from luxury villas to self-catering apartments.

Our experts are ready to craft your premium holiday and bring it to life, adding authentic experiences that will linger in your memory.

Friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, our letting specialists team make Premium what it is.

Please visit Kefalonia Premium Lettings 


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