Apart from the real estate, design and construction services, we also provide:

-Professional evaluations for any type of property

-Insurance advices by local or abroad experienced associates

-Design and issuing of an Energy Performance Certificate which is necessary for a sale

-Bank and mortgage services


As part of our services, we are pleased to help clients with obtaining the correct documentation required to buy property in Kefalonia.

In a nutshell, the process of purchasing a property for foreign buyers is quite simple, however we are more than willing to assist you through the whole procedure.

First of all, in order to purchase a property in Greece, you need to obtain a greek tax number. The only documentation you need for this is a copy of your passport and fill in 2 documents for the tax office. Of course we assist with the above.

Also you need to open a greek bank account. For this process you will need the tax number document that you will have issued and the following documentation:

  1. Copy of your passport
  2. Utility bill which will prove your home address abroad
  3. Tax return (P60)
  4. Telephone bill (landline or mobile)

 Of course we will assist you during the process and accompany you to the bank.


It is also very important that you get in touch with a solicitor here in the island and we will be happy to recommend one from a number of lawyers that we cooperate with. In case you will not have sufficient time to make the above process yourselves, you have the option to leave a Power of Attorney with a lawyer who can make the process on your behalf and after you have advised him/her to.


We also recommend a notary public and an accountant. At the same time that you will have issued and made all the processes on your part, then the vendor needs to gather also documentation which is necessary for the sale. When this is completed we exchange contracts in the Notary Public and register the property through the greek tax system, a process which an accountant can assist you with.

Please note that there is also the option to exchange funds abroad, at the same time of the signing of the final contract here in the island, should you wish. It is a legal procedure and is preferred for practical reasons in many cases.